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Made in Britain

Tucked away in the beautiful English countryside, STUDIO NUMBER 10  is located in the stunning county of Shropshire. We create masterpieces that add a sense of individuality to your home from reclaimed wood. We use science and art to innovate handles,pulls, and knobs that challenge the convection.

We are proud members of the Made in Britain community.


Our X-Streams door handles have been recognized at                     

London Design awards in 2020 and A'design award 2021, British Made Awards 2021. 

Award 2019
a 'design Award
British Awards
Jiri Marek Head of Design


Our Founder and Head of Design Jiri Marek, has turned his lifelong
passion for wood, beauty and interior design into unique boutique
studio, that is focused on creating luxury products for your home.

A qualified scientist, Jiri has pursued his vision to bring innovation to the world of hardware. His philosophy; uncompromised attention to detail and an obsession with client satisfaction underpins every aspect of what we do at STUDIO NUMBER 10.

our vision

Our vision is to tailor bespoke products that add a sense of sophistication and flair and have sentimental and monetary value .

Work in progress

our friends



has created all the beautiful pictures on our website

Gold Leaf Supplies

Gold leaf supplies

Our novel technique "gold leaf infusion " would not be possible without top quality gold or other metal leaf's

Glass Cast

Glass cast resin

provides us with product we can trust. Resins, pigments and colors allowing us  to extend our creativity

Union Jack sales

Union jack sales

Representing The best of British in North America since 2015

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