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High-End Finishing Touches 3 Ways to Create a Luxury Home

Updated: May 15

Looking to add some high-end finishing touches at home? We’ve got you covered, with our collection of distinguished handcrafted handles.

X - Streams collection

Looking to add some high-end finishing touches at home? We’ve got you covered, with our collection of distinguished

handcrafted handles. To celebrate the launch of our new MOON range, we’ve pulled together 3 ways to embrace a little

luxury decor…

“Moon range - luxury large knobs & pulls ”

Rich pops of colour

Any good designer will tell you a neutral palette can act as a great room backdrop. The truth is, to create a well-curated

look and a wholesome space, bold colours play a big part too. Integrating bright colours at home will not only liven the

space, but it will also make you feel good. If you’re becoming restless with your scheme, consider updating your hardware

- it’s a trick that will instantly revamp wardrobes and cabinets!

New handles can make old pieces look brand new - especially in a playful colour. Check out our Moon X-streams shades,

made with coloured epoxy resin and available in many must-have colours.

Mixing different wood tones

Another great way to make a home feel luxe is with wood and mixing various natural tones. From an existing hardwood

floor to furniture and doors, the era of matching everything perfectly is over. We’ve also seen a big emphasis on Biophilic

Design within interior decor, a great way to bring the beauty of outdoors in. With wood, there is no better way to create a

harmonious vibe and make us feel physically well.

When choosing your tones, pick a dominant wood and use this as your starting point before introducing new pieces.

Whether you’re a lover of natural walnut or oak, our delightful MOON range is certain to give your home a warm wood


Ultra-luxe metal accents

If simple wood isn’t for you, metallic decor can give a subtly glamorous touch. Silver, nickel and steel bring a slick

modern effect whereas warmer tones can be found in gold, bronze and brass. If you’re going for a maximalist look, think

of it like a jewel box with colours like navy and emerald green all making their presence. Alternatively, metal finishes work

well with neutral shades or for more femininity choose a pastel colour.

Our Moon X-streams leaf with infused gold create undoubtedly beautiful two-toned handles. Simple enough to ease into

the trend without overpowering the room, these handles will definitely make a statement!

High-end finishing touches with Studio number 10

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these inspiring ideas. To find out more about our new

MOON range, please get in touch with our team to discuss styles and finishing options. Thanks again.

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